Courteous Kids and Life Launch served over 3700 youth in 2018.


About Life Launch

Life Launch offers Grant funded Programs, Community Programs, as well as School Programs.  Have a character building idea for your student body, or organization?  We love working with schools and other organizations! It’s our specialty.  From dancing to dining to just plain good social skills training, we can find a program to work for your school.  Contact us for more information. 

GIVE  (Get Involved. Value Everyone) Funded by the Sherwood Foundation, since 2015 this grant provides the funding to develop a student-led , service-oriented program for three middle school after school programs. This student-directed program is facilitated by Courteous Kids/Life Launch  staff to help students achieve their service goals and help build self-esteem and develop a sense of community and what that involves.  Over the course of eight week sessions, students follow a curriculum which teaches what a community is, their role within a community, how to collaboratively choose a service project and then work collectively to assist that organization.  This program helps students learn how to achieve goals, create a better sense of self worth and gain a deeper understanding of their community.  

Finesse for Life A PayPal funded grant program designed to help teens prepare for the workforce by personal finance readiness, professional email and internet skills, resume building, interview skills and more.  

Kindness Counts Campaign  ​A semester to year-long effort, in coordination with the school and staff, promoting the Golden Rule: that kindness starts from within each of us and builds outward. In the first semester, students are taught tools that teach the Golden Rule that relate to their personal and daily life. In the second semester, students and the school expands upon the Golden Rule sharing it within their community by designating a community effort that the students can contribute towards collaboratively. There are many components and variations possible with this program and can be easily customized for a school outcome. SEL rated.  

Family Dinners (all ages) Family dinners can be arranged so the whole family is learning the same dining etiquette and can support one another in creating a pleasant dining experience. It is a fact that the hardest place to practice good manners is at home, BUT it's also the most important place to practice them. If you can practice good manners at home, you can do them anywhere, with anybody. Family Dinners are also a great Family Night activity for schools.   

Dance and Dine (grades 9-12) This class is offered as an open-enrollment program during mid to late January of every year at various locations around the city. It can also be offered anytime throughout the year to organized youth groups, schools, home school associations and other community organizations at your location.  

     Similar to some may know as "Cotillion" , Dance and Dine is a six week program which teaches swing dance, social skills and dining etiquette in preparation for adult activities, job and social situations. Class length is 1.5 hours. The class culminates with a semi-formal dinner and dance with families with one of our community collaborators.  A detailed syllabus is provided at the commencement of every Dance and Dine.​  

Teen Camps: LEARN. DISCOVER. BECOME. We’re all leaders of some kind and in this program we’ll help teens discover their personal qualities and styles by figuring out their True Colors! As we decode their colors/personalities through this fun interactive exercise, we’ll examine what character traits they may share with so me of the World’s great leaders. We use a variety of programs such as Franklin and Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens" and Dale Carnegie's, "Generation.Next"  

Students will learn to establish goals and objectives as they develop a working resume for their high school career. We’ll guide them through the interview process so they can handle interviews confidently.   

Event Planning 101 (Grades 5 and Up) This class introduces students to the steps necessary to execute a successful function. It incorporates the basics of all the Courteous Kids programs (greetings, introductions, table etiquette, social etiquette, event planning, budgeting, designing and creating) to produce an actual outcome of a student-designed event. This program is offered as a stand alone or could be combined with the Dance and Dine for a more advanced class.  

A quarterly “opportunity” to practice these skills could be offered at various campuses around Omaha.  

Basic Teen Etiquette (grades 9-12) A one-time class that teaches the basics of social skills for teens and includes topics such as proper greetings and introductions, the art of conversation, table etiquette, tipping etiquette, restaurant lingo, proper dress, creating boutonnieres/corsages for formal events and more. Take home materials are hand-outs and boutonnieres/corsages.  

Navigating Transitions Summer Camp - 2019!

The Life Launch, Navigating Transitions Camp will prepare 30 high school age youth,  incoming junior to graduating seniors featuring the Habitudes curriculum  by Growing Leaders. This camp is about equipping teens with emotional intelligence and grit to successfully navigate into and thru their adult life, no matter where that path might lead them . This is a four-day , three night outdoor, overnight camp located at Mahoney State Park in Ashland, NE. The goal of this camp is to teach life preparedness skills, including career options, team work skills and employment preparedness skills to Omaha area school teens. 


Nadeen Osman 

5th grader Summer Camp 2014 

“Courteous Kids is a great program.... Everyday, I went, I learned something new. I learned about handshakes and greetings, telephone conversation manners and table manners too. I enjoyed going everyday and I volunteered for the next workshop to learn even more. Today, I still use that etiquette I learned. Thank you Mrs. Budz and Courteous Kids.

Angela Reed 

King Science Center After - 

School Program Director/Boys 

and Girls Club of Omaha

“The kids love Mrs. Budz and she is always professional. The Courteous Kids program is easy to work with and able to provide programming to fit our after-school program needs. I never have to  the quality of programming and she keeps the kids actively involved with practical and hands-on life skills whether it’s social manners, cooking or gardening!!”

Tessie M. Rachels

Troop 42724
I wanted to take a moment and THANK YOU for providing very important etiquette instruction to our Girl Scout troop! They thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and activities. I personally appreciate the work you do as I see etiquette being pushed to the way-side all to often. Your class provided a breath of fresh air!
Thank you again!

Scott Hilger 

Assistant Principal Boyd Elementary 

“The Courteous Kids program was wonderful to work with scheduling after school activities for “extra specials” at Boyd Elementary. I was impressed at Mrs. Budz quality of lessons, reliability, and communication. Mrs. Budz provided activities that enriched our students etiquette including proper introductions, table manners, communication, and social skills. The program ended with a session on table setting and a meal to put learned lessons in to real practice!”