Courteous Kids and Life Launch served over 3700 youth in 2018.


About Courteous Kids

​​​Courteous Kids focuses on  ​kids ages 4-12. There are a number of programs available for kids to build upon their social skills, table manners, and so much more. Click the link below to explore the programs that we have to offer.​  eTEAquette Tea Party (ages 3-6) This class is designed to teach proper etiquette and social skills thru story time, play, arts and crafts. Support and take home materials include a student-decorated tea cup, a place” map”, play jewelry and a “ticket” (etiquette) for the student to take home. This class can be modified to be a repeat class simply by changing themes, stories, crafts. This class excels as a continuum and is ideal for preschools and daycares. Available as Scout Collaborator program.    

Courteous Kids (ages 7-12) An hour to hour and a half program that focuses on the basics of good social skills such as proper greetings, introductions and dining etiquette. This is accomplished thru role-playing, activities and a “mock” meal. Support materials include a bookmark and table “map” for the student to take home. Available as a Scout Collaborator program.    
    This is an open enrollment camp offered during the summer months with a new theme and activities every year. It is also offered to schools and youth organizations for school breaks or as a multi-week program    
    Summer camp always include core social skills such as greetings, introductions, communication skills, social media, dining skills, getting along with others and much more.    

Family Dinners (all ages) Family dinners can be arranged so the whole family is learning the same dining etiquette and can support one another in creating a pleasant dining experience. It is a fact that the hardest place to practice good manners is at home, BUT it's also the most important place to practice them. If you can practice good manners at home, you can do them anywhere, with anybody.Family Dinners are also a great Family Night activity for schools.    

After School ProgrammingCourteous Kids has been offering after school programming since it’s inception. We can tailor-make a program to fit your after schools needs and student desires .  Here are a few tried and true and school favorites....

  • Cooking, Nutrition and Hospitality   
  • "CHOPPED"   
  • Hold Your Head High  
  • Etiquette Around the World  
  • Courteous Kids Basics  
  • Meet Goldie and Friends


Cary Mouhiddin 

Collective for Youth, Omaha, NE

Mary Beth Budz/Courteous Kids has been an integral part of the Collective for Youth programming since our inception in 2005. Mary Beth Budz has created multiple high quality programs with specific curriculums that fill the needs of our students in the areas of social skills, healthy eating and etiquette. Within these programs (Courteous Kids, Party 101, and the Gardening Program) she walks each student through the comprehensive experience of restaurant etiquette, party planning, food preparation and the fine art of conversation. For our middle school students, these skills are a vital part of instilling in them the confidence they need to navigate through today’s world as well as assuring them success later in life. Courteous Kids remains to be one of Collective for Youths most loved programs. Mary Beth is a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional, even under the most stressful conditions, (classroom full of wound up middle school students).